Targeting Locations for your Local Business

Are you a local business trying to up scale your sales volume? In todays world, the best strategy is with the help of Google Ads. In this article, we will explain targeting locations for your local business.

For those not familiar with google ads, here’s the link for some help below.

Searching for local store using google maps
people search for local business all the time. This article explains how you can rank on the top of the list.

When creating Google Ads you have categories that go with your campaign strategy.

In the campaign strategy you have:





-Campaign goals

-Bid Strategy

Location Targeting

In this article we are focusing on Location. Suppose you are a local coffee shop located in New York City. You might be thinking, where is an appropriate target that i should market too?

With google ads you can target a country, a city or area within a country, or a radius within an area. Now the best option for a local coffee shop would probably be a radius within an area.

Radius Targeting

I would do a 5 mile radius around the coffee shop.

This means people who search for “Coffee Shops near me” (or specific keywords you choose from) are targeted within a 5 mile radius. This helped with your pay per click rate due to the accurate location you’re choosing to target.

Here’s why. In New York, things are crowded and most likely there are coffee shops all around. Which means it’s competitive. Its very rare for someone to drive further than 5 miles to get some coffee.

For help creating the locations part of the ad follow this Ads words video. Its great help that shows you the basics of where to target, excluding locations, when to target, and more.

The goal is to get a high pay per click rate, and Location is a big part of that.

People at a local business that was targeted through google ads
People hanging around in a New York Coffee Shop ( Better location targeting…Better outcome)

If targeting locations for your local business is done right, your sales could triple. Use the location targeting tool with Google Ads and start advertising today. Don’t miss out on the new Digital Era. Get started at