Google Ads: Different Keyword Types

You might be having trouble on the differences of keywords. You’re wondering what keyword you should choose for your campaign. Well, you landed on the right page. First, we’ll talk about the types of keywords. Second, The differences between each one. Last, when to use each keyword.

Let’s pretend you have a Men’s Formal Wear Store and you need the right keywords to choose from.

Types of keywords

  • Broad Match

Broad match keywords are the general keywords that include the widest audience. So if you keyword is “mens suits” someone who’s searching for “slim fit suits cheap” might see your ad.

  • Broad Match Modifier +

Broad Match modifier narrows down the audience. All you have to do is add a “+” in-front of each word. This is similar to broad match, but it must show the words after the “+” sign.

For example, if your keyword “+mens +suits” someone searching for “mens suits for sale” will see you ad. Key words that won’t appear will be “mens shoes for sale”

  • Phrase Match “___”

Phrase match gets more specific. The keyword must match the word in the phrase or add some close variations in between.

For example, if your keyword is “mens suits” someone searching for “suits for men” or “buy mens suits” might appear.

  • Exact Match [_____]

This is as narrow as the audience gets. Exact match keywords are used in brackets “[…]”. When using this you get the exact word in the bracket, or very similar.

For example, if your keyword is “[suits for men]” people searching for “[mens suit]” will see your ad.

  • Negative Keywords (-)

These are the keywords you don’t want to appear in your search results. They are used with a (-) before the word or used directly in the negative keyword category.

For example, if you have a mens suit store and you don’t have any kids suits. A good negative keyword would be “-Kids suits” this will eliminate search results related to kids suits.

google ads explanation of keywords and which match to choose from
For my visual learners, here’s a great example from google.

For more information on Keywords this link explains a ton

keyword strategy explaining broad match, broad match modifier, phrase match, and exact match.
This shows the higher reach the broader audience. The lower reach the sharper targeting gets.

For more help on keyword strategies follow this link

Michigan google ads campaign optimization is a long tail keyword that i am aiming for, it will rank higher with effective keywords.

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