Benefits of Keyword Planner

What you’ll learn

  1. What is Keyword Planner?
  2. How do you find the right keywords to choose?
  3. Utilizing Keyword Planner

Picking the right keywords can be tough and cost effective if not done right. The best way to save money and make sure your keywords are accurate is with the benefits of Googles Keyword Planner.

What is Keyword Planner?

A tool that helps you achieve the perfect keyword strategy. It gives you information on what customers are searching within Google. Think of it as a research tool with insights on what your potential consumers are searching.

Benefits this tool provides

  • Discover new keywords
  • Search volume of each keyword
  • Gives you keyword recommendations
  • Bid estimates
  • Historical analytics

How do i find the right keywords to choose?

Thanks to the keyword planner finding the right keywords is easy. Once you do your research, you look for the best fit toward you business. While researching try to think of keyword trends, competition, volume, and the time span it was searched (could be seasonal). For example, a keyword like “Christmas tree” is going to have a higher search volume in December than July. For more information on picking the right keywords visit

Utilizing Keyword Planner

Thankfully, Keyword Planner is FREE but ONLY with a Google Ads account.

How to access keyword planner on google ads.
Hit the tools button on top and click on keyword panner. Image from

Once you access the planner, you have the option to “find new keywords” or “get metrics of keywords your using”

After you pick, search the keywords you want to research and all the information will come up.

For more on utilizing keyword planner visit


To conclude, Keyword planner is a great tool to help you maximize profits by figuring out which keyword works best. When thinking of keywords, put yourself in the customers shoes.

Lets pretend you have a online shoe store.

  1. First examine the types of shoe products on your site.
  2. Think about what words he/she would search for to land on your page.
  3. Plug those keywords into the planner and check out the results.

The key to the planner is to help you find the perfect keywords to maximize search results toward your page. Take advantage of the benefits of Googles keyword planner.

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